This band was formed during 2009 by the integration of the well established “Lincolnshire Concert Band” with Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue – hence the new name “Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Concert Band”

Many Fire and Rescue units are associated with band music, and in particular parts of the country the association would be with brass or silver bands. Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue for many years was indeed associated with a brass band, until that band ceased to exist – and the concept of the well established Lincolnshire Concert Band becoming associated with Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue was born.

The band recognises that it is now the public representation of Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, and although band members are volunteers from all walks of life, they wear the uniform – which is provided by Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue – with a great deal of pride. Similarly, the standard of music is high, because the same high standards set for the way in which the band represents Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue in appearance also applies to the music played.

The band has access to practice facilities at The Myle Cross Centre (Lincolnshire Music Services) in North Lincoln and meets there every Thursday, from 7.15 until 9.30 p.m. The highly experienced Brian Newland is the Musical Director of the band. Brian is an accomplished musician in his own right, but he also has the ability through his conducting to get the best out of the individual band members. Members normally have their own instruments, but the band owns a few instruments which band members can use. Players of all levels of ability are welcome, although until a formal teaching facility is developed, there is a requirement for a basic knowledge of both the chosen instrument and written musical notation.

The band is a typical large concert band, with woodwind, brass and percussion. A broad range of music is played, the repertoire including marches, light classical, popular music, movie tracks and many “theme” types of music, like the ever popular “Last Night of The Proms” Being proudly associated with Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, the band would welcome serving fire personnel who have an interest in making music. Even if they haven’t the basic musical skills mentioned above, they would be very welcome to sit in on a Thursday night, to get an idea of how the band works. Maybe they would be tempted to take up an instrument and learn the basics. With the encouragement they would get from the band, it wouldn’t be long before they were playing along!

The Band has a special relationship with another band called Musikverein 1953 Diedesfeld eV based in Diedesfeld, Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Germany. Neustadt has been twinned with Lincoln since 1969 and is one of the oldest, strongest and most successful twinnings in the Country. We keep the twinning alive by keeping in regular contact with our German friends and try to meet up regularly with either us travelling over there or them coming here. We have been over to Neustadt in several times in October and took part in their wine festival parades through the town amongst other events. Our friends often hop over here around Christmas Market time where it’s always nice to share some gluhwein and have a good catch up with them. More information about MVD band can be found here http://www.musikverein-diedesfeld.de//