Meet Us


Brian Newland
Director of Music

The highly experienced Brian Newland is our Director of Music. Brian is an accomplished musician in his own right with many years under his belt of conducting and playing in brass and concert bands, he has the ability through his conducting to get the best out of the individual band members and has brought the band on leaps and bounds over recent years.

Assistant Director of Music
James Wood – James conducts the band at rehearsals and events when our Director of Music is unavailable. James spent some time as Director of Music for The Band of The Lincolnshire Army Cadet Force and has been involved with a number of concert and brass bands primarily playing tuba.

Moira Bilton – Moira has been in the band for many years and is our treasurer
Karen Walker – Karen is a long serving musician and is our librarian keeping all the music in order
Anna Staples
Helen Newton – Helen also makes appearances on stage in the theatre scene – asst librarian
Kay Ritchie
Chrissy Crawford

Vacancy for oboe

Stephen Longhurst – man of many talents, plays in many groups/bands around Lincoln
Kevin Martin – proud ex military musician and Biker
Laura Kelsey – Laura is our Quartermaster in charge of uniform and equipment
Sally Codd – Sally has been in the band since she was 17
Marie Shaw – you may also see Marie playing in a local Motown group
Claire Wood – Claire also plays clarinet in the local Army Cadet Band
Sheila Kirk – Committee member
Sarah Sherratt
Paula Sloan – Alto/Eb Clarinet player

vacancy for Bass Clarinet

Katie Cropley
Jane Clarke – Committee Member
Callum Hold – keen committed music student who also plays flute
Kim Cammack
Jenny Reynolds

Yvonne Neilson – Yvonne is our Public Liaison Officer
Alan Smallbones

Terry Coffey – Chairman

Vacancy for Bassoon

Amy Coote – Committee member
Julie Wearing

Lucy King – Lucy joined LFRCB in 2014 and has played in brass bands since she was 7 years old
Rosie King – Rosie has been involved with the band for 20 years

Ryan Newland – Band manager
Kelly Newland
Paul Terrar – played in many brass bands and enjoys his cruises
Martyn Housley-Smith
Debbie Quittenton
Jenna Lawrence
Helen Cripps

Dan Clark
James Kirk – Bass trombonist
Vacancy for Tenor Trombone

Philip Pearson
Shelby Sutton

Alastair Kirk – Band secretary and also plays violin.
James Wood – Assistant Director of Music/Vice Chairman

Vacancy for string bass

Ian Simpson
Vacancies for percussionists

All players, young & old are welcome to the band.
We currently have specific vacancies for oboe, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Tenor Trombones, String Bass and Percussion players but if you play any woodwind, brass or percussion instruments and would like to join us please do get in touch


2018 committee members:

Chairman – Terry Coffey
Treasurer – Moira Bilton
Secretary – Alastair Kirk
Band Manager – Ryan Newland
Vice Chairman – James Wood
Public Liaison – Yvonne Neilson
Quartermaster – Laura Clarke
Asst Quartermaster – Jane Clarke
Asst Librarian – Amy Coote
Committee member – Sheila Kirk
Band Librarian – Karen Walker (Non committee member)

President of the band
Chief Fire Officer of the Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service, Mr Nick Borrill