AGM and New Committee

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Last night we held our annual general meeting at Fire HQ which was well attended by our members. During the AGM we formed our new committee for 2017, we’ve seen a few changes this year and would like to show our thanks to some members that have stepped down from the committee.

Firstly thanks to Hannah Brumby who served as secretary for 2016, Secretary is a behind the scenes job and doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves, Hannah has been very efficient for her time as Secretary and we are very grateful for the time she has put into the roll. We also saw Kim Cammack and Anna Staples step down as Committee Members this year, they have both served a few years each supporting the band with various rolls such as recruitment and social event liaison, again we thank them both for their time and effort in these postitions. Last but not least thanks to Martyn Housley-Smith who also stepped down from the committee after 1 year service as band member liaison.

Welcome to Terry Coffey and Jane Clarke who have kindly volunteered to join our newly formed committee team of 2017, we have another exciting year ahead and your help will be very much appreciated by the whole band. With the vacancy of Secretary arising Alastair Kirk, who has served as Band manager for the past 3 years will transfer into this role and Ryan Newland who has experience serving as Band Manager in the past will replace Alastair in this position.

Here we have our new committee for 2017

Chairman – James Kirk
Treasurer – Moira Bilton
Secretary – Alastair Kirk
Band Manager – Ryan Newland
Public Liaison – Yvonne Neilson
Quartermaster – Laura Clarke
Committee member – Jane Clarke
Committee member – Terry Coffey
Asst Secretary – Kathy Coulson